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            12 Issues per Year

For Author

Instructions to Author (s)

1. Authors should submit electronic version (Microsoft word doc) of the manuscript to the editor via     e-mail (
2. Accepted papers will be acknowledged and processed further, if the papers are rejected, the     decision will be communicated to the corresponding author but the manuscripts will not be returned.
3. Acceptance or rejection of the manuscript would be decided after the decision of editorial team.
4. Primary acceptance or rejection of the manuscript for publication in journal would be informed by IJPRES journal     management team to corresponding author within 24 working hours from the time of submission.
5. Primary acceptance cannot be considered as final acceptance of manuscript.
6. All published articles are open access for authors and viewers.
7. The articles will be online within 4 weeks of time after final submission of camera ready papers.
8. Wide publicity and reach by getting indexed in many indexing services
9. We are currently focusing on publishing original IJPRES Journals always focus to publish a balanced mix of high     quality theoretical or empirical research articles, case studies, proposals, review papers, comparative studies,     dissertation chapters, research proposals / synopsis, surveys, tutorials, editorials. Authors are advised to submit the     articles as per Journal's template and with the copyright form duly signed, scanned and attached, through the     following e-mail addresses
10. Authors should submit the articles both in MS-word 2003 or 2007 and PDF format, no other format is accepted. If      equations were used it should be converted by using MS Office equation editor and pasted as image at proper      place. All equations should be grouped or may be prepared using equation editor software.
11. Language of the articles should be only in English, we are not processing articles in any other languages.
12. Final decision on acceptance of the paper is with the editorial and reviewer team. Selected papers will be put in      sequence for publication, once the article is published author will get a confirmation mail from the corresponding      editor.
13. Authors should keep their manuscripts as short as they reasonably can.
14. Page number should appear in the lower left hand corner of each page, beginning with the title page.
15. The language of manuscript must be simple and explicit.
16. Author's / Co-author's name or any other identification should not appear anywhere in the body of the manuscript      to facilitate blind review.